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Tree currently contains 4991 individuals, in 1674 family groups.

Welcome to my celebration of life.
I am bestowing praise to all those fore runners who came before me.
Please read my roll call of ancestors and if your family's name appears please feel free to
contact me.
Let our families once more be reunited after a span of many generations.


Clarence I. Fairbanks, 1907, Mo./ Mary Alma Piper, 1908, Il.

Samuel Emanuel Fairbanks,1873, Il./Daisy May Keller; 1889, Mo.
Jesse Clinton Piper, 1882, Il./Maggie Pearl Newnom, 1883, Il.

Great Grandparents:

Samuel Fairbanks, 1835, Oh./Sarah Ann Myers, 1845, Il.
William R. Keller, In./Ida May Lane 1867, Il.
Samuel M. Piper, 1841, Il./Delilah "Della" Martin, 1839, Il.
Joshua Newnom, 1854, Il./Rachel Lonia Owings/Collins, 1864, Il.


Samuel Fairbanks, 1803,N.Y./Sarah "Sally" Montanye, 1809, N.Y.
Emanuel Myers, 1818, Ky./Martha D. Watson, 1823, Ky.
No information as to William Keller's parents
Paris Mendenhall Lane, 1843, In./Irene Jane Modlin/Maudlin, 1840, In.
John Piper, 1808, Ky./Malinda Eetter, 1808, Tn.
Lewis Martin, 1812, Ky./Margaret Alred/Allred, 1819, Tn.
John Elsberry Newnom 1816, Md./Mary Nancy Hahn, 1822, Mo.
Rachel Collins, 1829, Il./ no information as to Rachel Lonia's father


Samuel Fairbanks, 1780, Ma./Anna Holbrook, 1784, Ma.
Elijah Montanye, 1770, N.J./Jane Van Campen
John Myers, 1789, Ma./Hester Caroline DeHavan, 1791, Pa./Ct.
Flavel Watson, 1792, Va.,/Sarah "Sally"Adams, 1798, Ky.
John Lane, 1818, Oh./Lucinda Luse, 1817, Oh.
Barnabas Modlin/Maudlin, 1809, N.C./Martha Hodge, 1818, N.C.
Thomas Piper, 1770, Ky./Madusa Mathews, 1784, Ct.
Henry Etter, Sr., 1783, Va./Elizabeth Parks, 1783, Tn.
John Martin, 1786, N.C./Delila Dowlin/Doolin, Ky.
John Alred/Allred, 1784, N.C./Nancy Larr, 1798
John Newnom, 1787, Md./Ann Cox 1792, Md.
Joshua Hahn, 1770, Germany, Catherine Wise, 1794, Mo.


Reuben Holbrook 1754, Ma./Rachel Darling, 1755 Ma.
Joseph Montanye, 1740, N.J./Sarah Schoonhoven, 1750, N.J.
William Watson, 1760, Va./Delilah ???
William Adams, 1770, Va./Martha ???
Daniel Lane, 1786, Va./Levina James, 1797, Md.
Benjamin Luse, 1788, Pa./Elizabeth???, 1817, Oh.
John Piper,/Margaret Greer
Daniel Etter, 1750, Pa./Mary Magdalen, 1760
William Parks/Mary Dawson
David Wise, 1758, N.C./Mary Neighswonger, 1768, N.C.
Daniel Collins, 1770, Va.???

I trust your leisure stroll through my ancestors touched your life and you were lead to contact me. Enabling us to blend our information and rejoice that one parent's decsendents were once more reunited. I appreciate any interest you have shown my family.

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